For Families:

However your family is configured, each member has a unique role and relationship within it. Being a parent or carer is an amazing experience and can be a wonderful time in our lives. It can, however, also be the most demanding, isolating and exhausting job we do!

At KOCO we offer parents and carers the opportunity to reflect and build on their experiences in areas that are proving to be a challenge. We work sensitively with families and aim to enrich and embrace their parenting journey.

Our bespoke services include:

Individual Assessments:

Working with the family to identify areas of concern, we conduct an initial assessment within the family home. Our flexibility enables the child to be as relaxed as possible, and for us to gain an insight into how your family works. Using our years of expertise in child mental health and working with families, we aim to provide families with our clinical opinion and suggestions for additional interventions as required.

Family Consultations & Parent Only Sessions:

We provide support and guidance for the whole family. As well as direct work with parents/carers, we can also include work with grandparents or other significant family members. Support is given as we identify areas of concern and work towards goals we have set together. We aim to help increase parents' knowledge and confidence as they develop new tools to meet and address the challenges they may be experiencing. Unfortunately, services do not always have the resources to allow parents time to reflect and talk through these issues in depth. Therefore, parent only sessions allow the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about difficulties and challenges in a sensitive, professional and non-judgemental way.

ADHD Parent Programme:

A bespoke package designed to provide increased knowledge and practical strategies regarding ADHD symptoms, daily management and ongoing care. Delivered in a considerate way depending on individual experience and expectations.

We can cover a range areas including:

  • Your story of ADHD so far
  • Knowledge of Core Factors of ADHD.
  • Tried & Tested Behaviour Management Strategies
  • School & ADHD
  • Sleep & Diet
  • Relationships

We provide practical support and information for families at all stages of the assessment and treatment process: delivered by a highly experienced ADHD specialist. We offer individual self-management sessions with children and adolescents as required and will work in your home, school or college.

Sibling Sessions:

Support for siblings is an area that can be difficult to find help for. We appreciate how hard things can get for the wider family and, therefore, we offer siblings time to acknowledge their role (often advocate, peacemaker or victim) and provide 1:1 support to reflect without judgement. We offer creative ways to increase their knowledge and assist them in sharing their insights to support harmonious relationships within the family.

Emotional Regulation Support:

We work with children and young people who are experiencing difficulties coping with challenges and negative emotions. We identify areas of stress; support them in understanding their emotions and learn ways to limit negative effects on their behaviour. Together we increase positive strategies and options for coping.

Sleep Assessments and Interventions:

It is common to have problems establishing and maintaining good structure around sleep (sleep hygiene). Practical knowledge based support managing this stressful problem can make a fundamental difference. This package takes a fresh look at our sleep habits and works with the family to increase knowledge regarding the physiology of sleep, the effects of our 21st century lifestyle habits and how small adaptations can promote lifelong good sleep habits that will benefit all the family.

Associate Packages:

Many factors can affect a young person's behaviour, mood and/or performance. Information gathered at the initial assessment or throughout further consultations may indicate that some alternative interventions may be beneficial. KOCO's associates can be recommended to address areas that may impact on emotional health. For example, our private nutritionist can be seen when concerns regarding diet and behaviour are identified, or if there is concern regarding a child's learning and developmental progress we can obtain the support of our clinical psychologists.

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