KOCO offers support to schools and other professionals with observations and clinical opinions for guidance on a child's presentation in a timely and responsive way. Kelley and her team offer: professional and personalised support to schools to identify areas of concern early; guidance to bolster school based interventions and/or support towards a referral to appropriate agencies.

By working and learning through individual scenarios, KOCO will empower professionals to increase their knowledge of mental health conditions, diagnosis and treatments to promote a more mindful approach that can be adopted to benefit the young person and enrich the wider school community.

All interventions are delivered in a therapeutic and professional design with the foundations embedded in evidence based practice. All interventions are bespoke and flexible to best suit the individual needs of the school, staff group and/or child.

Please contact Kelley at KOCO to discuss services for professionals that may include:

  • Advice & Support for staff
  • Observations & Clinical Opinions
  • ADHD Specialist Interventions & Practical Support
  • Transition Support

For a FREE and confidential 15 minute consultation, please contact Kelley Osman on 07985 721241. Alternatively, please email: kelley@koconsultancy.org.uk